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Meet the Team


Jane Wilson
Centre Manager
The Centre Manager role is diverse and challenging.  Responsible for the day to day running of the rescue, patient care, staffing and volunteers, Jane’s top priority is delivering first class care to the diverse range of patients admitted to the rescue. Ongoing training and professional development keep her knowledge and skills current and continuously updated, with a special interest in hedgehog and bird care, our top two admission patient types. 
Raising public awareness of our work, outreach to education facilities and delivering informative talks also take up some off-season time to reach as wide an audience as possible.


Ellen Lindsay

With many key roles in local good causes including the local Heritage Centre, she runs The Otters Couch, a social enterprise by Brora Development Trust. She takes on all of HWR's day to day financial duties under dual control, such as book-keeping, budgeting and preparation of reports.


Dee Hart

Ambassador Extraordinaire, always finding ways to spread the story of the work we are doing. As well as running the best B&B Dornoch has to offer, she has been taking our story to local celebrities, wildlife project leads, funders and international supporters.


Jort Brough

A lifelong ornithologist and nature lover, who pursues his love of American bird species, particularly Hummingbirds, by travelling annually to the States. Closer to home he can be found birding around Sutherland and Caithness, as well as travelling around the UK to join BTO bird ringers for more hands on experience.

At HWR, he heads up all of our projects, produces our own in-house brand merchandise, runs our biannual quiz nights and maintains the website and shop. 



Sarah MacDonald-Taylor

First and foremost a teacher, she generously shares her vast knowledge with people of all ages. As a volunteer for British Divers Marine Life Rescue, and The Scottish Marine Animal Stranding Scheme, her love for our marine mammals makes her a vital part of our knowledge and skills base.


Charly Masson

A paramedic, mum, farmer, and the artistic lead in our team. When she isn't out there saving lives she's looking at new merchandise ideas for us, and our future online shop plans. Hands on, she will build, clear, organise, scrub - whatever the job is, she's happy to get stuck in. We haven't yet found a task she won't tackle!

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